My first open-source development experience with KWOC.

#About KWOC

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source but also prepares them for many open-source summer programs; Google Summer of Code is one of them.

#Beginning of my journey

Hello, My name is Palash Himanshu Rathore click here for my Github.


I worked on save-notes chrome extension which is an extension to save notes for future reference, its functionality is that the user should be able to input custom notes with headings, as well as select text from the current page he/she is in, right-click on it, and click a Save option to save it.

#My overall Experience and learning

I am very glad that I found this program on my journey to become a GSoC’er, overall it was a very good experience and I learned a lot about various things such as working with the team and discussing project ideas on the community channel, learned new technologies, implementing ideas into something which can be used by the society gives me the immense feeling of joy, and I am thankful to the KWOC team to bring such a good program for the beginners, I will continue contributing in all the projects that I was the part of.

Aspiring Software Developer